Tanzania: The Ministry of Construction's 1.77 Trillion Shilling Budget Gets Unanimous Approval

Posted on :Monday , 3rd June 2024

The Parliament unanimously supported the Ministry of Construction's budget of 1.77 trillion shillings for 100 percent, which will be utilized for completing nine high-priority projects such as road building, bridges, crossings, scales, and the completion of large airports.


On May 29, 2024, the Minister of Construction, Innocent Bashungwa, submitted the budget estimate for the year 2024/25, including Sh 81.4 billion for routine use and Sh 1.6 trillion for development projects.


Minister Bashungwa stated in his presentation that the Ministry aims to implement the Framework and Budgets based on the National Development Vision 2025, or the Third Five-Year National Development Plan (2021/22 - 2025/26).


The contributions of MPs suggested early on that the budget would be cleared with a bang, as many MPs, even those from opposition parties, applauded the accomplishments of the Minister, Deputy Minister, and other personnel while arguing about a lack of resources to implement the ministry's goals and objectives.


Before Minister Bashungwa concluded, Minister of Finance Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba stood up and acknowledged the fact that the Ministry of Construction has been assigned an inadequate sum of money in comparison to its large responsibilities, and that the Government has noticed and will proceed to raise the amount allocated through a special program.


Addressing to the MPs' remarks, Minister Bashungwa stated that any funds supplied to the Ministry of Works will be utilized used to assist Tanzanians in restoring the infrastructure affected by the rain, and that no roads will be scrapped that will be unproductive in the long run.


The widespread implementation of the budget allows the Ministry of Construction to get started implementing the Revolutionary Party's 2020 Election Manifesto, the Ministry's Strategic Plan for the period (2021/22 - 2025/26), Senior Leader Commitments, Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and Guidelines for Setting up the Government Strategies and Budget for the fiscal year 2024/25.


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