Nairobi unveils the Roam Move electric shuttle bus

Posted on :Monday , 4th March 2024

Leading provider of electric mobility solutions, Roam, has officially launched its Roam Move electric shuttle bus, starting the process of progress. In an environmentally conscious effort to transform urban mobility, the Roam Move joins the company's electric mass transit bus, the Roam Rapid, to usher in an exciting new chapter in its history.


The Roam Move is a pledge to a cleaner, greener future for Kenya, not just another way to get around. This locally built electric shuttle bus is the face of a pilot project that aims to transform the city's transit system. The goal of Roam, which was to provide sustainable urban mobility solutions, has been supported by an increasing number of important partners.


Dennis Wakaba, a country sales executive at Roam, said, "We are thrilled to officially launch the Roam Move bus operation and introduce an innovative, sustainable transportation solution to the city of Nairobi."  


"The Roam Move is a shining example of our commitment to improving urban mobility while minimizing environmental impact. This is our mission. We think this will completely transform urban transportation, making it more practical and environmentally friendly.


Because the Roam Move runs entirely on electricity, it sends a strong environmental message. This translates to a significant decrease in the carbon footprint caused by urban transportation, as well as zero emissions and noise pollution. Inside, travelers are welcomed to roomy, cozy seats that come with air conditioning for a comfortable ride.


Both passengers and the communities it serves benefit from its electric motor's quiet, noise-free operation. The Roam Move is prepared to satisfy the needs of urban commuters, with a 200-kilometer range and a carrying capacity of 51 passengers.


The Roam Move has fewer maintenance needs than its diesel-powered competitors, which is one of its best qualities. This results in a situation where everyone wins: bus operators can maximize efficiency and reduce maintenance overheads while operational costs can drop by up to 50%. This translates into accessible and reasonably priced transportation for regular commuters, enabling everyone to engage in sustainable travel.


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