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  • To provide Tanzania with Affordable Solar Energy, d.light has Secured $125 Million

    Posted on :Wednesday , 13th September 2023

    The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank Group (TDB) has granted $30 million to d.light, which offers eco-friendly goods and the funding to low-income households worldwide. With this funding, d.light will be better able to expand Tanzania's availability of renewable energy by purchasing up to $125 million of receivable assets.


    The funding will be used to ex. . .

  • Kilimanjaro Trek4Mandela Supported by Genesis Energy Group with Namene Solar Lights

    Posted on :Thursday , 10th August 2023

    Genesis Energy Group, a company that develops energy infrastructure and manages assets, teamed up with the Imbumba Foundation to make a generous donation of Namene solar lights to illuminate the climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on July 18.

    The Imbumba Foundation established the yearly journey, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation supported it. It exemplifies the core ele. . .

  • Kwale Begins a Project to Install Solar Street Lights

    Posted on :Tuesday , 11th April 2023

    The "Let there be light" program, run by the Kwale County Government, has started an ambitious multi-million shilling mass installation of solar lighting in metropolitan areas around the county.

    By using solar-powered lamps, socioeconomic activity will be improved, security will be increased, and crime will decrease.

    Solar street lights offer a significant compet. . .

  • BEKA Schreder Donates LED lighting to Matolweni Community Creche

    Posted on :Friday , 9th December 2022

    BEKA Schreder is proud to have been involved in a heart-warming project where LED luminaires were donated to Matolweni Early Childhood Development Centre in Drayini Village, outside of Idutywa, Eastern Cape.

    The original Matolweni Early Childhood Development Centre was a mud hut crèche. High crime rates have initiated efforts to upgrade the facility. The community was introdu. . .

  • Lighting the Homes of Women Farmers with Solar Lamps in Rural Kenya

    Posted on :Thursday , 10th November 2022

    Lighting the majority of Kenyans are without power, which forces them to use kerosene to light their homes. Kerosene is an extremely polluting fuel because when it burns, it releases more black carbon than wood, which is harmful to the health of its users. Kerosene lamps are also costly, their light is too weak for studying or reading, and they present a fire and burn risk.

    One Acre Fund. . .


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