Tanzania: Upgrade to Boost Power Supply

Posted on :Tuesday , 15th February 2022

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is upgrading its power production stations to boost electricity generation in the country.


The power stations currently under extension include Kinyerezi I which will generate 185 MW and Ubungo III 112 MW.


Maharage Chande, Director General of TANESCO told journalists during a tour to inspect the work progress that to date power generation from Ubungo III has reached 60 MW which have already been connected to the national grid.


Maharage Chande added that the extension of Kinyerezi I is progressing well noting that the first 70 MW which will be produced will be added to the national grid in April this year.


The Director General said that until August 2022 the entire work will have been completed which will make Kinyerezi I which currently generates 150 MW to have the capacity to produce 335 MW.


According to Maharage Chande, maintenance at Kinyerezi I and Ubungo III has resulted in an increase in gas consumption, necessitating the improvement of the infrastructure to meet that demand.


Maharage Chande said that the upgrade will take place at the existing Songosongo gas wells from February 1-10, 2022 and that once completed, it will increase the production of additional gas required.


Routine data on electricity generation puts the country's capacity at 1,605 MW, where gas contribution tops 900 MW, hydropower 508 MW and renewable sources around 58 MW of input, but certain projections affirm that by year 2023, out of 550 MW of new power input generated, private sector sources will account for 400 MW and the public sector 150 MW, with the parastatal expecting 600 MW new input by year 2025.


Hydropower production is among the major sources of electricity at present, but major rivers feeding key dams have low levels of water owing to a prolonged dry season.



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