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The government has Pledged $36 Million for the Makonde Water Supply.

The Makonde Plateau Water Supply Project in the Mtwara region will be implemented in Tanzania with the help of 84.7 billion Tanzanian shillings (more than $36 million) from the government. Over the coming years, it is intended to increase this region of the nation's access to clean drinking water.The government has budgeted Tshs 84.7 billion (more than US$36 million) for the continued execution of the Makonde Plateau Water Supply Project in the Mtwara Region as Tanzania struggles with.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 9th November 2022

RWANDA: the revolution of solar-powered multi-service centres in rural areas

In Rwanda, Solarkiosk Solutions (SKS) and East African Power (EAP) are launching a joint venture to build solar-powered multi-service centres. "The Pulse will expand to other countries in the Great Lakes region. The productive use of solar energy is taking on a whole new dimension in Rwanda. The Pulse joint venture has been set up to exploit the potential of solar energy in rural areas. It is the result of a partnership between Solarkiosk Solutions (SKS), a company based in.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 8th November 2022

KENYA: Boreal Light Equips 28 Hospitals with Solar-Powered Desalination System

Since October 13, 2022, 28 hospitals in Kenya have been supplied with clean water. This is thanks to new water desalination systems. The German start-up Boreal Light supplied the systems, which were then installed by the Kenyan start-up WaterKiosk Africa. Inaugurated by the Chief Administrative Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, Andrew Tuimur, the new facilities serve hospitals in Kenya’s coastal region as well as Turkana and Nakuru counties..... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 8th November 2022

Lighting the Homes of Women Farmers with Solar Lamps in Rural Kenya

Lighting the majority of Kenyans are without power, which forces them to use kerosene to light their homes. Kerosene is an extremely polluting fuel because when it burns, it releases more black carbon than wood, which is harmful to the health of its users. Kerosene lamps are also costly, their light is too weak for studying or reading, and they present a fire and burn risk.One Acre Fund operates in Kenya's western and southwestern regions, two of the country’s primary food-producing.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th November 2022

Ethiopia apprised trade promotion agreements with Pakistan

The Ethiopian Ambassador, Jamal Beker Abdula, has informed the government of Pakistan that seven to ten agreements pertaining to trade promotion, political consultation, defence cooperation, aviation, technology transfer, and others will be signed within the next month or two to help connect the two countries and promote economic exchange. "Ethiopia's economy is import-driven, and its dynamics are similar to Pakistan," said Farazur Rehman, President of the Korangi Association of.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 4th November 2022

Tanzania and the DRC signed a MoU to expand their trade relations

President Samia Suluhu Hassan and her Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) counterpart, Félix Tshisekedi, have agreed to collaborate in a number of areas to boost bilateral trade. Tanzania and the DRC intend to collaborate in a variety of areas, including trade, investment, infrastructure, finance, energy, education, defence, security, and immigration. This decision was reached following discussions between the two leaders at the State House in Dar es Salaam. During.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 4th November 2022

Kenya to establish specifications for biogas packaging.

Kenya is establishing regulations to facilitate the commercialization of biogas, a move  that will provide consumers with affordable energy in response to the high cost of LPG and  generate income for producers. The only thing left from the commercialization of the methane gas created from plant matter and animal waste, according to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS), is a set of regulations for the packaging of biogas.According to KBS Principal Standards Officer Alex.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 3rd November 2022

Ethiopian coffee exports will rise by 560 metric tonnes.

Ethiopia is anticipated to produce 8.25 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee during this time (495,000 MT), Ethiopia is home to more than 15 million smallholder farmers who depend on coffee as their main source of income. The total amount of coffee exported from Ethiopia in the most recent fiscal year was 4.70 million bags (282,000 MT). As of 2022, Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and the third-largest producer of arabica coffee in the world, with a production.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st November 2022

Tanzania's agricultural goals are boosting grain exports in East Africa

The foundation of Tanzania's economy is agriculture. According to government statistics, the sector employs more than 65% of Tanzanians and accounts for 27% of the country's GDP (GDP). This is supported by Tanzania's plans to build enormous grain storage facilities and distribution hubs all over East Africa. This situation indicates that Tanzania's desire to increase its grain exports is being strengthened by the sector's surplus, which is gaining traction across.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st November 2022

Singida from Shanta Gold is on schedule for the first gold pour.

With the first gold pour scheduled in March 2023 at Tanzania's Singida gold mine, Shanta Gold will become a producer of more than 100,000 oz of gold per year. With production rising 11% from the previous quarter, the team has once again produced a very solid operational performance. The Singida project's construction is moving along nicely, and CEO Eric Zurrin reports that the first gold pour is still scheduled for March 2023. "Our top-notch health and safety standards.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 31st October 2022

Burj Zanzibar: The World's Future Tallest Timber Building

The Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar is planning the world's tallest timber apartment, a 28-story residential structure built with hybrid timber technology. The magnificent high-rise, known as Burj Zanzibar (the Arabic word "burj" means "tower"), is intended to rise significantly 96 metres. As the first timber construction of this size in the entire world, it would be known as "vertical green town" and serve as an iconic monument for the island, all of Africa, and for.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 28th October 2022

Electric bus debuts in Nairobi to promote clean energy

In a city where smog-belching minivans are much more common, a Nairobi-based green mobility business revealed an electric bus that its creators believe will promote ecologically responsible travel. Although it is the capital of the economic superpower of East Africa, the city of roughly five million people lacks a state-run transportation system, and the colourful bus drove out into the dreaded morning gridlock. Despite the government lowering tariffs to encourage their use,.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 27th October 2022




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