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Dangote Refinery, Nigeria to Stabilize World Oil Production - OPEC

OPEC is confident that the Dangote Oil Refinery will be serving to drive world crude oil refining capacity raise especially in Africa by 2020.   In the current edition of its World Oil Outlook (WOO), the Organisation said that the Dangote refinery, which is the first privately owned and functioned refinery in Nigeria, will refine 6,50,000 crude oil barrels per day at installed capacity. Currently, total world oil production in 2019 averaged 80,622,000 barrels per day. Around 68.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 25th April 2019


Favorable government & trade regulations accompanied by rising investments in infrastructure development, and rising population are the factors likely to accelerate construction growth majorly in Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania. The East Africa flat glass market growth is majorly driven by increasing development in the building & construction sector. Because of tremendous increase in population East Africa flat glass market growth is stimulated further by the.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

Japanese Solar Giants Mitsui lines up expansion plans into Kenya's Solar Mini-Grid Market

Japan's solar industry leaders Mitsui & Co had signed an agreement into acquiring a stake in Nairobi based M-KOPA, developer of Solar Home Systems (SHS) last year and is now seeking the link to grow into solar-powered mini-grids, according to local managers. M-KOPA  mounts solar panels on the rooftops of residential homes and small businesses, creating SHS capable of operating lights, mobile phone chargers, and household appliances such as radios and TVs.M-KOPA is a leading.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

Voltic Africa Plans to comfort Public Transport by Introducing Bus Booking App

The competition for affordable and decent modes of transport continues as the digital startup Voltic Africa plans to introduce a booking App that allows commuters book bus tickets to and from the Nairobi Central Business District in the next 18 months. The announcement comes a month after the organization launched a bus booking App I-abiri where travellers can book up to 10,000 bus routes across East Africa. Chief Executive Officer Voltic Africa Fowzi Ahmed says the systems will.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

High Level Delegation From Ministry of Health and Parliament of Nepal Visited Ethiopia

The Nepal's high level delegation which was led by H.E. Mr Upendra Yadav, who is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Population of Nepal and three members of the Nepal Parliamentarian of Federalism visited to Ethiopia. The visit was specialy to understand the entire administrative and political structure of Ethiopia with an prominence of federalism focusing to the health system and to understand the processes used to design the federal structures and the effect on.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019


Driven by booming construction and furniture markets Africas industrial wood demand expected grow over the next two decades  Africa’s 2030 industrial wood demand will be met by imports, given the dwindling natural forest resources and constrained plantation forestry . Local production is increasing, but not nearly fast enough hence the region is growing into a $ 50 billion annual import market. Vast sums of money and increase in consumer prices will leave Africa to import.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

A South Korean producer of medical equipment plans to invest in Tanzania

A Korean company, dealing in manufacturing of medical facilities, will invest in Tanzania as it requests to get a share of the East African country’s remunerative pharmaceutical market. South Korean producer of medical equipment eyes Tanzania. The Radian Qbio managing director, Prof Sang Young said that his firm was interested in selling and investing in setting up a plant to manufacture medical equipment in Tanzania. The Ministry of Industry and Trade data show that.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

EA Oil Pipeline Project to be Arbitrated by London

Due to end months of haggling between the governments and oil companies, the UK will host arbitration talks in case of disputes arising out of the East African crude oil pipeline project. During a technocrats meeting held in Kampala in January, arbitration was one of the issues that were deferred Should any dispute arise, the arbitration will be done in London. Tanzania had said that it would host the arbitration, but the other partners favoured a country that was.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019

Ncondezi and GridX Partner Up to Invest in Africa's Vast Solar Landscape

British based company, Ncondezi Energy entered into an agreement with GridX Africa, a private power producer to form a joint venture which would specialize in installing solar mini grids for businesses and shops acroos Africa. This new alliance  emerging in the solar energy sector of Africa aims to conquer the vast potential of the  African solar and energy storage market. In particular, both companies want to supply mini-grids with batteries for businesses and businesses.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th April 2019


The Petroleum and Mining Ministry has been focusing on helping small scale miners in the west of the country Kenya and is now planning to set up a gold refinery. Seeking professional advise on its construction the government is inviting consultants. Though its mining sector is a relatively a small contributor to national output, Kenya has proven deposits of coal, gold, and titanium. However, a decent growth in revenue is expected as new mines start production. To help vulnerable,.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 23rd April 2019


Kenya is planning to develop a policy that will boost motor vehicle exports to East African countries. Mr. Stephen Odua the director of private sector development at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives told journalists in Nairobi that all relevant stakeholders are currently reviewing the national automotive policy. The country's exports of automotive products to the East African Community bloc will increase from the current five percent of local production to 15 percent.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 23rd April 2019


The central pillar of Kenya’s Vision 2030 infrastructure development is among the strong holds and in 2015 the USD 3 bn construction sector contributed 4.8% to the Kenyan economy. According to a recent survey 148,000 people are formally employed in the domestic building and construction industry.  Although building and construction contractors are required to be registered with the National Construction Authority (NCA), companies ranging from indigenous micro-enterprises.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 22nd April 2019




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