Kenyan Households illuminated by imported lights.

Posted on :Friday , 12th January 2024

Traders from all across Kenya congregate in Nairobi's Nyamakima shopping district, which is home to the nation's largest network of stores selling Chinese-imported electronics and electrical goods.


Shopkeepers distribute packages via bulk couriers to every region of the nation, including South Sudan and Uganda and they import goods in bulk from China to resell to other dealers.


The solar floodlights that are prominently exhibited in the majority of these shops are what stand out the most, though.


"There are probably two causes for the sharp rise in demand for floodlights in the past few years. One is that more Kenyans are constructing new houses in urban areas on 40 by 80-foot lots. Thus, they desire well-lit yards and walkways for improved use of the limited area and increased safety," stated Mohamed Yusuf, the proprietor of a store on Duruma Road in the Nyamakima neighbourhood.


"The decreasing cost of floodlights is another factor. A 200-watt solar lighting used to cost $100 a few years ago. Just over two years ago, the price was halved. A comparable one now costs $30."


Selling floodlights made by the Chinese business Itel is Yusuf's area of expertise. There are numerous additional brands in the Nyamakima shopping district. He claimed that during the previous two years, sale of floodlights had climbed by 60% to 70%. "It is a fast-moving product now," he stated.


Floodlights are widely promoted in Kenya's e-commerce stores, on websites like Solar Store, Jiji, Mybigorder and through individuals selling on their social media profiles, suggesting that there is a growing need for them. Since seller rivalry has resulted in a large decrease in prices and an increase in the amount of brands available, consumers stand to gain the most.


The increasing demand for floodlights is evidence of Kenya's thirst for illumination options.


On the national grid, for example, Kenya Power reports that this year's solar energy production amounted to 210 megawatts. The large-scale off-grid solar illumination projects that the public and commercial sectors have built are in addition to this. Kenya Power called for bids in August to replace all of its diesel-fueled off-grid power facilities with mini-grid solar energy installations.


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