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Important information about Visa and Travel

For several nationalities, visa is available on the airport. See the fees applicable.

Visas for some nationalities require a special clearance. Please check on the latest rules with our consultant corresponding with you.

Kenya is an important player in East and Central Africa. Strategically placed, with a major port, Mombasa, and well-developed financial markets, the country has the makings of a regional services hub in banking, information and transportation.

Passports valid for 3 months from date of entry are required of all visitors. All visitors require a Kenyan visa except for citizens of some commonwealth countries. There are also exceptions with varying conditions for citizens of Ethiopia, Turkey, Malaysia, and Uruguay and a few other countries. Airport visas are available although this may result in delays upon arrival. It is advisable to obtain visa's in advance from Kenyan Embassies and High Commissions as some airlines may require it before allowing you to board. Visa requirements vary from time to time and you are advised to check on prevailing status well ahead of travel.

So long as your Kenya visa remains valid you can visit either Tanzania or Uganda and return without having to apply for another visa. This does not apply to visiting any other countries. There is, however, a charge which may apply at the border for doing thisThe cost of Kenya visas generally increase with the distance from Kenya and so do the hassles of getting them. There have been tales from Australia where the high commission took 1.5 months to issue a visa. All this time they hung on to the person's passport who only got it back (with a visa) one day before departure! This is not at all typical but does indicate that you should apply well in advance if you're flying direct.Since Nairobi is a common gateway city to East Africa and the city centre is easy to get around, many travellers spend some time here picking up visas for other countries for other countries which they intend to visit. If you're going to do this you need to plan ahead because some embassies only accept visa applications in the mornings, others only on certain days of the week. Some may take 24 hrs to issue, others 48 hrs. Some visas may have to be reffered to the country's capital city but this is rare.

Personal effects, film and cameras may be imported temporarily free of duty. However a customs bond may be required in connection with professional video equipment, tape recorders, radios, musical instruments and souvenirs from other countries, to ensure goods can be re-exported. Firearms need a special permit, which must be obtained in advance. Airport departure tax is payable by the client in foreign currency only. Excess baggage is strictly monitored and charges are very expensive. Customs officials normally inspect baggage on arrival and departure.

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