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  • Turkana County in Kenya plans the construction of 1,200 Housing Units

    Posted on :Thursday , 27th April 2023

    Turkana County is now planning the construction of 1,200 Housing units. The county government will fund the project, which will benefit all six constituencies. According to the Kenya Urban Support Programme's National Project Coordination Team, led by Eng. Benjamin Njega.


    Njega was delighted that Turkana Central has access to 20 acres of land from the Lands Department to init. . .

  • Kenya Railways has begun work on the Nairobi Railway City initiative.

    Posted on :Thursday , 23rd February 2023

    The projects will involve constructing a public square and a new stop for the Nairobi Central Railway.


    Phase 1 of the Nairobi Railway City project, which is anticipated to cost KES12 billion (USD 95 million), has begun construction by Kenya Railways.


    The project's groundbreaking event took place at the Nairobi Central Railway station in December.

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  • Investing in Africa is a wise business decision and a long-term company strategy.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 27th December 2022

    Now is the best time to make an investment in Africa. However, because overseas investment choices are frequently painstakingly overstructured, investors have not rushed to the region as quickly as expected. An important contributory component is too much risk. However, risks and profits go hand in hand; high-risk undertakings are typically correlated with larger earnings.


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  • The World Bank's IFC has invested Sh40 billion for the Nairobi-Mau Summit Highway.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 27th December 2022

    The move is probably going to help the Sh190 billion project get extra money.


    The Sh190 billion Nairobi-Mau Summit Highway has received a financing commitment from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a division of the World Bank, in the amount of Sh40 billion (USD 320 million).


    The international financier is anticipated to approve the release o. . .

  • UK Invests $4 Billion In Kenya To Support Climate Action

    Posted on :Monday , 21st November 2022

    The UK government has agreed to invest US$4 billion (KES 500 billion) in Kenya to support the country's efforts to combat climate change.

    The UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met with Kenyan President William Ruto at COP27, agreeing a five-year investment deal that will see climate finance flow into the African country.

    These new, clean and green investments will become flagship proj. . .


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