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Market News

  • Ethiopia Earns USD 74 Million from Meat Export

    Posted on :Thursday , 18th May 2023

    Ethiopia's meat sends out have acquired USD 74 million during the most recent nine months of the 2022/2023 financial year, as detailed by the Animals Improvement Organization (LDI). Ethiopia sent out 16,000 tons of meat to the worldwide market during this period.


    As per Sahilu Mulu (PhD), the Delegate Chief General of LDI's Social Economy The board Exploration Division, sheep. . .

  • Ethiopia Coffee Quality Inspection Centers to Open in Jimma and Hawassa

    Posted on :Thursday , 18th May 2023

    According to the Ethiopian Tea and Coffee Authority (ETCA), centers for coffee quality inspection and certification are anticipated to open in Jimma and Hawassa. Coffee will be shipped straight from the centers.


    One of Ethiopia's most popular English-language publications, Addis Fortune, said that the Jimma centre will gather coffee from the towns of Metu, Illubabur, Buno Bed. . .

  • Export Revenue Brings In $1.75 Billion for Ethiopia

    Posted on :Tuesday , 14th March 2023

    The Service of Exchange and Local Reconciliation reported that Ethiopia had the option to acquire USD 1.75 billion from trades during the main portion of the 2022/2023 monetary year.


    The product of farming wares got 77.23% of the complete profit while the commodity of fabricated merchandise, dairy and meat items, electric power, and mining items took a 10%, 2.9%, 2.9%, and 6.. . .

  • Ethiopia Will Sign Agreements to Export Wheat worth USD 200 Million

    Posted on :Tuesday , 14th March 2023

    Ethiopia is ready to ink arrangements which absolute USD 200 million to supply wheat to non-legislative associations including the World Food Program. Arrangements to sell 3 million quintals of wheat have previously been endorsed with six nations including Kenya and Sudan.


    The nation hopes to create 52 million quintals of wheat during the ongoing Ethiopian year. Delivering 11. . .

  • Ethiopia's coffee and Tea export venture with Pakistan

    Posted on :Wednesday , 30th November 2022

    Ethiopian Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Jemal Beker Abdula stated that his country has surplus tea and coffee that may be exported to Pakistan at reasonable prices.


    During a meeting with members of a joint delegation from the Pakistan Tea Association and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), he stated as much (PTA). In response, the FPCCI and . . .


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