Photovoltaic Light Projects To Be Initiated In Tanzania

Posted on : Thursday , 4th July 2024

LXinstruments GmbH are currently initiating a new photovoltaic project in collaboration with the time2help association, whose mission is to boost the future opportunities of children and families in Arusha, Tanzania.

The association aims to provide families an opportunity to use solar energy, specifically Lights!

When the sun sets, Tanzanians use kerosene lights or candlelight to work, study, read and so on. This is not only expensive, but also exceedingly harmful to people's health and the environment.


In a trial initiative, families are being introduced to two types of solar lamps: permanently placed and portable. Families can select one or both choices. They firstly pre-finance the light bulbs and pay them back in 12-month payments, taking care not to worsen the existing financial strain. After only one year, both people and the environment will be better off than before, because to the paraffin saved.


Benefits of eliminating kerosene include lower monthly costs, improved health owing to harmful vapours and less smoke pollution for the environment.


The group of enterprises is providing the project's initial investment because they are confident that people and the environment can benefit from it. 

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