Mwinyi: Zanzibar Provides High-Quality Medical Services

Posted on : Tuesday , 2nd July 2024

According to Zanzibar President Hussein Mwinyi, the isles are providing their citizens with specialized and ultra-specialized medical services that meet internationally recognized standards.

This indicates that we are improving and expanding the services we provide to the public. The services that individuals were previously forced to seek outside of our nation are now reasonably priced here," he continued.

During the Tanzania Ophthalmology Society (TOS) conference's fifth official launch, Dr. Mwinyi delivered the following statement during a meeting of the Eye Health Workers Congress from Tanzania (Mainland).

First Vice President of Zanzibar, Othman Masoud Othman, graced the occasion by reading the address on Dr. Mwinyi's behalf.

According to him, the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar is fortifying the PEC, realizing that it holds the key to improved services in the future, aids in the early detection of eye disorders, and lessens the workload for specialized institutions.

In his statement, Dr. Mwinyi stated, "The Ministry wants the PEC-web to be nationwide by 2030. As such, we are calling on you to work with us to ensure that we achieve this goal by 100% within the allotted time."

Primary eye care, or PEC, is a comprehensive term that includes using primary health care (PHC) to avoid eye illnesses that could cause blindness.

The President stated that while though TOS is a small organization, it is one of the organized associations, and he knows that the government, through the Ministry of Health, depends heavily on it for issues pertaining to eye health.

He made the following request to all members: "You need to be active by paying your annual subscription fees; attending professional meetings both locally and internationally; and participating and fully engaging in society activities."

The Congress subject for 2024, "2030 IN SIGHT; Climbing the Mountain of Knowledge; Innovation and Collaboration for a Brighter Future," pleased Dr. Mwinyi, as he stated in his prepared speech.

Our governments are motivated by the theme that, in order to meet the 2030 Insight Goals, we will require highly qualified personnel, top-notch diagnostic tools, and effective international cooperation with nations that have advanced in the delivery of high-quality eye and health services overall.

In addition to the 1000 eye patients who were screened and the 300 eye surgeries that were performed, including surgeries, Dr. Mwinyi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to TOS for organizing an eye camp.

The Zanzibar Minister of Health, Mr. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, encouraged young people to choose ophthalmology as a career because there is a growing need for healthcare.

As the Principal Secretary (PS), Dr. Habiba Omar stated that the Ministry will keep reaching out to all citizens who experience such issues in order to reduce vision complications, he stated that the government is prepared to fund the special training to have more experts.

Over a thousand persons were inspected during the four-day camp, which was presided over by TOS President Dr. Christopher Mwanansao. He noted that the conference was an opportunity to serve the community.

Many persons with ocular pressure were discovered at the camp, he said, and the party needed to work with the government to carry out additional research on the issue.

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