A Sh63.5 Million Water Project to Alleviate the Scarcity of Water

Posted on : Tuesday , 4th June 2024

More than 30,000 people in Laikipia North are breathing a sigh of relief after the groundbreaking of a Sh63.5 million dam in Doldol, which is anticipated to alleviate water shortages in pastoral areas.


The Ewaso Ng'iro North Development Authority (ENNDA)-funded 100,000 cubic meter dam will supply water to the four settlements of Ilgwesi, Ilmokodo, Ilmumonyot, Indikiriri, and Samburu County.


The dam had silted when it was first built by the townspeople in the 1950s, but with the significant help from the government, water shortages for both people and wild animals will be a thing of the past, according to Doldol Dam Chairman Solomon Ole Pusi.


We hope that water issues will be resolved with the dam's expansion and desilting. Ole Pusi remarked, "It's unfortunate that even after the rainy season, we are left without water for our livestock." He also mentioned how, during the drought season, they were had to relocate to the Mount Kenya forest in order to get water for their animals.


Local MP Sarah Korere applauded the project, pointing out that the availability of water would revolutionize the lives of the inhabitants in her area and that pastoralists have suffered greatly from drought over the years.


The dam will be built in six months, according to ENNDA Director of Corporate Services and Infrastructure Josiah Mulwa. It will be equipped with a solar water pumping system to encourage the use of renewable energy in the pastoral region.


This region lacks water. One of the biggest challenges is that women, animals, and children must travel great distances to obtain water resources. Many households will profit when this project is finished, according to Mulwa.


ENNDA Chairman Ahmed Duale, for his part, stated that the project will alleviate the water scarcity in the sizable Laikipia North sub-county and that the construction of the dam will enhance the livelihoods of the locals.


In order to guarantee dependable water sources for their domestic use, the chairman asked the locals to support the project through to its completion.

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