Microsoft And G42 Are Planning A $1 Billion Investment In Kenya's Digital Economy

Posted on : Monday , 3rd June 2024

Microsoft and UAE-based artificial intelligence (AI) leader G42 have unveiled a historic digital transformation plan for Kenya, with the latter promising a $1 billion initial investment.


Kenya's Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy is leading the project, which intends to greatly improve the nation's digital infrastructure and give its people more control.


The accord represents a significant advancement for Kenya's digital economy.


G42 is going to spearhead the process of obtaining the initial funding and working with regional partners to build a cutting-edge data Centre complex.


Geothermal energy and water-saving technology will be used in this environmentally friendly building to ensure sustainable operations.


The creation of a new Microsoft Azure cloud region for East Africa is a major initiative highlight.


This cloud platform will be housed in the new data Centre and offer improved access to Microsoft's cloud services throughout the region. It will go live within 24 months after the final agreements.


The cooperation priorities innovation and the development of digital skills over infrastructure.


AI Development for Swahili and English: Using their US data infrastructure, G42 has already started training open-source language AI models in Swahili and English.


East African Innovation Lab: A cooperative project slated to open in Nairobi that would assist companies and organizations in creating and putting into practice cloud and artificial intelligence solutions.


Training in Digital and AI Skills: The programme offers a range of possibilities for training in digital and AI skills, such as a cybersecurity training programme that aims to train more than 2,000 people a year.


The project also places a strong emphasis on increasing internet access in Kenya and working with the government to provide dependable and safe cloud services throughout East Africa.


With this all-encompassing digital transformation programme, Kenya will be at the forefront of technological advances in Africa, encouraging economic growth, innovation and better access to technology for its people.

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