Tanzanian Government Grants Licence to Strandline’s Tajiri Mineral Sands Project

Posted on : Friday , 29th March 2024

A special mining licence (SML) for the Tajiri mineral sands project has been approved by the Tanzanian government. Strandline Resources, an emerging critical minerals producer, is now able to continue on with discussions with possible strategic and offtake partners, including joint venture opportunities.


The ASX-listed Nyati Mineral Sands, a joint venture between Strandline and the Tanzanian government in which Strandline owns 84% and the government the remaining 16%, was granted the Tajiri SML 731/2024. The transfer and issuance of all major tenements to Nyati is completed with the issuance of the SML. As it moves forward with its plans to commercialise its Tanzanian assets, Strandline has advanced talks with possible strategic and offtake partners, including ideas for joint ventures.  


For the Tanzanian district of Pangani as well as the entire Tanga area, this is an extremely important occasion and milestone. Under the conditions of the SML, Nyati has agreed to become a strategic partner of the government, which will hold a minimum of 16% of Nyati's capital in the form of non-dilutable free-carried interest.


Nyati is granted exclusive rights under the SML to locate, extract, refine, process, transport, and market heavy minerals or other minerals within and vertically beneath the mining licence area. The SML, dated March 19, 2024, is valid for up to 24 years and covers an area of 34 km2. As per the agreement, Nyati would first carry out beneficiation domestically before exporting resources.

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