Kisumu Launches a Sh1.4 Billion Scheme to renovate tarmac roads, install street lights, etc

Posted on : Thursday , 1st February 2024

A project of Sh1.4 billion has been launched by the Kisumu government to convert slums into contemporary residential zones.


The county was eligible for the second Kenya Informal Settlements Improvements Project (KISIP 2), which is why this is happening.


KISIP 1 had previously been successfully adopted by the county. 


Nyalenda, Obunga, Manyatta, Migosi, Nyawita, Kaloleno, Shauri Moyo, Kibuye and Muhoroni are the slums that will be upgraded.


According to Governor Anyang' Nyong'o, additional improvements will be made to the roadways, street lights, water and sewage pipelines and waste disposal facilities.


The contract to build tarmac roads, install street lights, sewer lines, restrooms and ablution blocks in Obunga, Kibuye, Migosi, Bandani and Kaloleni has been given to Chaju Builders.


This is within the World Bank's initial funding lot.


A similar project will be implemented in Muhoroni as part of the second lot of funding provided by the African Development Bank, according to Kennedy Hongo, executive in charge of physical planning, housing and development of urban areas. The Octagon business has been granted the tender.


"We are aware of and have seen rural-urban migration in search of employment, better living conditions and access to social services and entertainment venues. As they work to improve their lives, the majority of them wind up in the slums where they may find affordable homes "added by the speaker."


According to Hongo, community members suggested which projects should be given priority.


In addition, the county administration collaborates with the European Union and UN-Habitat to build affordable housing in the impoverished areas.


According to Nyong'o, the Kisumu City Physical and Land Use Development Plan has been effectively completed.


The historical urban centre, Kisumu Waterfront, CBD, informal neighbourhoods, and the expanded city borders are the five main sectors of the city for which the plan will aid in the development of future frameworks.


According to Nyong'o, this scheme will be a crucial instrument for directing urban expansion in a methodical and environmentally friendly manner.


Kisumu's development process has also been initiated by the county government.


The four zones include the following: Urban Renewal and Regeneration (Slum Belt), Eastern Extension (Nyamasaria, Kibos), Northern Extension (Kisian Otonglo, Kiboswa, Wathorego and Gita) and Urban Core (Lake Front, CBD, Commercial and Auji).


Before making an investment in a city, investors should be aware of what to expect thanks to the planning process.

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