Residents of Seme Celebrate the Commissioning of the Sh37 Million Water Project

Posted on : Friday , 2nd February 2024

Over 148 homes in West Seme Ward will soon have access to clean drinking water thanks to a Sh37 million project, which will enhance the public health of the area.


It includes a 160-meter working borehole, an elevated steel tank with a capacity of 58.3 cubic meters, and a 6.3-kilometer water delivery system that serves the rural communities of Kokelo, Kaura, and Kachura villages.


At the commissioning event, Kisumu Deputy Governor Dr. Mathew Owili reaffirmed the County Government's dedication to enhancing community well-being by means of these kinds of programs that aim to tackle the region's water-related issues.


"This project is an important step in improving our community's well-being. In particular for vulnerable communities, it symbolizes our shared County integrated development plans' commitment to expanding access to sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene services, according to Dr. Owili.


The speaker underscored the project's diverse elements, which encompass water provision, sanitation, promoting hygiene, and infrastructure development.


There is more to the Magwako Water Project than just infrastructure. The goal is to cultivate a culture of cleanliness and health that will last for future generations," he continued.


The project aims to provide clean drinking water in a sustainable manner, facilitate community engagement, governance, and capacity building, and improve access to sanitation facilities and sustainable hygiene practices.


The DG also emphasized the importance of the project's main objective, which is to improve underprivileged communities by guaranteeing their access to necessary services.


According to Dr. Owili, "the Kenyan Constitution enshrines access to clean water as a fundamental human right, not just a basic necessity."


He mentioned the project's beneficial effects on the livelihood of the grassroots community and conveyed his gratitude to KWAHO, the project's implementing partner, and Water 1st International, the project financier, for their crucial roles in its conception and realization.


Dr. Owili also expressed her gratitude to the Magwako community for their forbearance, perseverance, and enthusiastic involvement during the project's execution stage.


The cooperation between the Water 1st International Organization, KWAHO, and the Kisumu County Government was recognized by Maryline Agwa, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Water, Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Resources.


Agwa emphasized the project's importance in enhancing the hygienic and health conditions, particularly for mothers and children.


She encouraged the community to actively participate in the project's maintenance and expressed hope in the project's ability to improve the town.


"I'm putting out a challenge to the community to own the project and make sure water is used responsibly. The infrastructure needs to be maintained, even though the donors supply the water," the CECM informed the community.


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