Tanzanian car dealer launches semi-hybrid SUV

Posted on : Wednesday , 29th March 2023

Tanzania's vehicle sector is expanding at a rapid pace. The newest Suzuki semi-hybrid automobile will be launched in Tanzania soon, according to CFAO Motors Tanzania.


On its social media channels, the company shared a teaser video. Several auto enthusiasts are curious and interested in this post.


The newest and first Semi-Hybrid Suzuki model will be introduced in Tanzania, according to Francois Bompart, CEO of CFAO Motors Tanzania.


"We are incredibly enthusiastic about this new automobile and can't wait to show it to everyone. Suzuki's latest SUV model includes Engine Stop/Start, which improves fuel efficiency," added Bompart.


"The new Suzuki semi-hybrid automobile we're preparing to release is meant to be fuel efficient, saving the owner money on gas. These eco-friendly automobiles emit fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. "This automobile is a game changer, and consumers should anticipate the best," Bompart said.


Fuel economy is one of the many benefits of hybrid automobile technology. The semi-hybrid system allows the car engine to use both Lithium Batteries and gasoline power, which means the car burns less fuel than regular fuel engines. Furthermore, most hybrid vehicles include a regenerative braking system that absorbs energy from the brakes and transforms it into electricity to replenish the battery.


Semi-hybrid automobiles are environmentally friendly vehicles that assist to minimise carbon emissions. They produce less pollution than regular gasoline engines, making them more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the car's regenerative braking technology lowers the need for the automobile to rely on the gasoline engine, lowering emissions even further.

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