Tanzania Exports Up 13% In YE November 2021, Tourism Income Up 48%

Posted on : Tuesday , 18th January 2022

The Bank of Tanzania (BOT) Monthly Economic Review-December 2021 indicates that in the year ending November 2021 exports of goods and services amounted to US$ 9,789.9 million, higher than US$ 8,614.6 million in the corresponding period in 2020.


The growth was driven by a rise in exports of non-traditional goods, travel receipts and transportation.  


Tanzania Exports of Goods Year Ending November 2021


Exports of goods increased by 8.1% to US$ 6,751.1 million, with non-traditional goods rising by 12.5% to US$ 5,764.7 million.


Gold exports, which accounted for 44.1% of the total goods exports remained broadly the same, amounting to US$ 2,816.5 million compared with US$ 2,855.6 million in the corresponding period of 2020.


Exports of manufactured goods amounted to US$ 1,195.1 million in the year ending November 2021, from US$ 894.8 million in the previous year, with much of the increase registered in exports of cosmetics, iron and steel, plastic and paper products.


There was a noticeable growth in exports of rice, maize and beans to the neighbouring countries, reflecting an increase in regional trade.


On monthly basis, exports of non-traditional goods rose to US$ 486.3 million, from USD 444.4 million in November 2020.  


Exports of traditional goods amounted to US$ 628.8 million down from USD 814.6 million in the corresponding period in 2020, with much of the decline recorded in exports of cashew nuts and tobacco.


On a monthly basis, traditional exports declined to US$ 108.2 million from US$ 152.2 million in November 2020.


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