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Boost to Kenyan Horticulture by Elgon Kenya-Dudutech Pact

Posted on : Wednesday , 18th April 2018

The deal is struck between Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provider Dudutech and agro input company Elgon Kenya. Through this pact, Elgon will distribute Dudutech’s products that are acclaimed worldwide. This agreement is thought of as transformative in the horticultural industry of Kenya. Recording an average growth of 15% to 20% annually, the horticultural category within the agricultural sector is the most flourishing industry. This category directly employs Kenya’s approximately 4.5 million people in production, processing, and marketing. 3.5 million others indirectly profit through trade and other activities.
Vikash Jain, Head of Crop Nutrition at Elgon Kenya remarked “The deal ties with our mantra of finding innovative solutions for our farmers and walking with them in their food production process. The products have been tried and tested world over returning impressive results”. Elgon Kenya possess a nationwide network of stockists and agrovets making it easier to get the products to farmers across the country. Barnaba Rotich of Dudutech said “We have positioned ourselves as a company to provide products that tackle farmers’ greatest threats while protecting our environment. We are proud to partner with Elgon Kenya who shares in our philosophy and are looking forward to transforming the agricultural sector with this partnership”.
Elgon Kenya will distribute remarkable Dudutech products, some being as follows: Beauvitech WP known for its power against aphids, whiteflies and thrips, and Hypotech known for fighting leafminer and shore flies. Even in the wake of farmers moving to biological pest/disease control protocols as pesticide prices hike up beyond the farmers’ grasp while new threats to agiculture emerge due to climate change, this partnership comes through.
“Everyday farmers are staring at new and emerging threats as changes in weather hits home. We need to be on top of our game if we are to ensure that farmers are able to meet the growing demand for food in the face of the new threats while also protecting the environment in which they grow this food. These products address such concerns,” Vikash added. 
With years of proven track record of innovative IPM solutions, Dudutech has been intensifying its purpose to ensure that farmers easily fight dangers to crop production through modern bio control production facility and a highly skilled team. Mr. Rotich believes the ultimate goal is that the collaboration will go a long way in guaranteeing that the main focus of Kenyan farmers (i.e. food production) isn’t interrupted in any way due to pests and diseases that are everyday becoming a painful reality. 

Source : bizmap.com




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