Tanzanian coffee industry shows promising potential

Posted on : Thursday , 31st July 2014

 A recent report released by Rabobank has suggested that governmental effects will be required to allow Tanzanian farmers to enhance the quality of their beans in order to encourage further growth in the East African country's coffee sector

Coffee-beans-advencapThe Tanzanian government's influence on improving coffee production was highlighed in a recent report from Rabobank. (Image source: advencap)
According to the report, Climbing Kilimanjaro: Tanzania’s Future in Global Coffee, Tanzania currently produces around 50,000 to 60,000 tonnes of green coffee beans - around 0.6 per cent of the global market - but to encourage further growth in the country’s coffee sector, however, the Tanzanian government needs to reform legislation.
The dedicated supply chains is expected to open niche markets with improved prices for farmers and prevent Tanzanian coffee. VCCs need good quality, certified coffee from Tanzania to meet the growing demand for speciality coffee.
“While Tanzania is currently considered a small player in the global coffee market, faith in its growth potential is mirrored in the country’s ambitions to increase production to more than 100 thousand tonnes, and to double the amount of premium coffee beans,” explained Rabobank analyst Sierk Plaat. “However, this potential has yet to materialise.”

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