Developing & Structuring Industrial and Infrastructure Projects in Africa

Posted on : Tuesday , 27th January 2015

 Developing industrial and infrastructure projects is not just a technical task, but involves a full range of elements to develop a sustainable business model. This business model takes into account ownership structure, communities, understanding requirements for funding, capacity, technology, financial models, environmental and market analysis, etc.

Project developers, and their stakeholders, regularly find a heavier burden to bring all the necessary pieces together on small to mid-size industrial and related infrastructure projects in Africa. Many project developers find that having the technical capacity and/or connections is not sufficient to develop a bankable project.

This workshop helps build a comprehensive and holistic knowledge set within the project developer community in Africa. It focuses on developing the business model from idea through feasibility. (The follow-up practicum covers from idea through funding.)

The workshop pays special attention to the early stage project development process – from idea to feasibility – where a lot of time is wasted and gaps exist to assist project stakeholders to accelerate and be more efficient at managing projects. It also prepares project stakeholders for the remaining stages of the project development process. 

This five-day workshop is for individuals and organizations who are involved in the development, support, or execution of industrial and related infrastructure projects in Africa up to $100 million (small to mid-size projects). It is suitable for government, private sector, communities, developers, and technical support agencies.

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