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Media coverage on local NewsPaper
Published on 23rd September, 2022
23rd East Africa Int'l Trade Exhibition (#EAITE) 2022 - TBC TV Coverage
Published on 23rd September, 2022
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on local NewsPaper
Published on 8th November, 2019
Event Advert on local NewsPaper
Published on 06th November, 2019
Published on October 17, 2019

22nd EAST AFRICA INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXHIBITION (EAITE) Tanzania's premier business trade show will open at Diamond Jubilee Hall from the 07th to 09th November, 2019. Co-located with the event are the specialized industry events – 22nd Autoexpo for the Automotive and Spareparts industry, 8th Power & Energy for the Electrical supply and Energy industry, 6th Solar Energy for Solar Panels and Accessories sector, 8th Oil & Gas for the Oil and Gas sector, 22nd PPPexpo for Plastics, Printing and Packaging industry, the 22nd Foodagro for Food and Agricultural industry, 22nd Medexpo for the Medical sector and the 21st Indusmach for Industrial Machinery, Tools and Hardware which are expected to introduce top products, equipment and machinery presented by exhibitors from over 30 countries.

The EAITE is an engaging and premier exhibition which has a proven track record of successful previous editions. Countries dominant this year are Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Pakistan, China, South Africa and India with several leading international brands looking to carve their presence in the East African market.

International companies will showcase their products and services to a huge market and to explore new trade opportunities looking for dealers, importers, distributors, re-exporters and retailers in Tanzania who are in search of reliable companies in business domains such as Automobile, Machinery, Hardware & Components, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, Food, Agriculture, Packaging, Electrical, Medical, Printing and others. The 22nd EAITE is a common platform for them where they can share their requirement and enter into profitable ventures.

Major company leaders from East Africa and surrounding regions are invited directly in collaboration with regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique and Congo. The visitor registrations are much higher including top industry leaders, government agencies and trade bodies.

A recent World Bank assessment summarizes that Tanzania has sustained relatively high economic growth over the last decade, averaging 6-7% a year. The Government has prioritized efforts to improve industry and services, planned scale-up in multi-sector projects and manage public resources for improved socio-economic outcomes thus managing a better and more sustainable business environment.

The 22nd EAITE has attracted a number of the industry’s biggest names including experts, stake-holders, directors and other high profile decision-makers that makes it the ideal entry-way into the African economy for interested investors, manufacturers and suppliers. The event is expected to continue to bring the newest and most innovative products from around the world, directly to Africa.

Visit: for more information or contact:

Trevor Daniels
Media Manager,
East Africa International Trade Exhibition
Int'l: +971 43 050755

EAITE TANZANIA 2019 - Published on Dar Advertising Magazine
Published on 11th October, 2019
EAITE Tanzania 2019 - TV Commercial advertisement
Published on 09th September, 2019
Published on 27th September, 2019
Media coverage on local NewsPaper - The Citizen
Published on 23rd Nov, 2018
Published on 16th Nov, 2018

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