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  • Africa Climate Summit Will Call for Investment in the Region

    Posted on :Tuesday , 12th September 2023

    According to Kenya's president, Africa has the opportunity to "guide the globe" in terms of climate change. As he got ready to kick off a historic climate summit in Nairobi, the goal was to reposition the continent as a burgeoning hub for renewable energy.


    The inaugural African Climate Summit comes before a flurry of diplomatic gatherings running up to the COP28 climate summi. . .

  • Kenya Signs Three Trade Agreements for Green Investments

    Posted on :Tuesday , 12th September 2023

    With the goal of transforming food security and air travel, Kenya has signed three agreements with Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong that promote environmental protection.


    This occurred at a pre-African Climate Summit side event in Nairobi in 2023.


    As part of the agreement with the Swedish company Cool Go Green, food preservation will be powered by sunshin. . .

  • Iran's Raisi Travels to Africa and Signs Up Agreements With Kenya

    Posted on :Tuesday , 15th August 2023

    Iran has recently increased its diplomatic outreach to underdeveloped nations, first travelling to Latin America and now to Africa.


    As part of a three-nation tour to Africa that Tehran has hailed as a "new beginning" in relations with the continent, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi was given a red carpet welcome by his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto on Wednesday.

     <. . .

  • Kenya Promotes International Cooperation for Trade and Development

    Posted on :Tuesday , 15th August 2023

    In order to achieve better results for the sustainable development goals, the Kenyan government has advocated for coordinated efforts in service provision.


    Dr. Juma Mukhwana, PS of the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry (MITI), requested assistance from a UN organisation for the programme.


    The relationship with the United Nations Industrial Develop. . .

  • Senegal and Kenya Are Expected to Join the IEA

    Posted on :Tuesday , 15th August 2023

    The International Energy Agency's Governing Board unanimously decided that the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Senegal would become Association nations, highlighting the IEA's growing involvement with Africa on energy and climate concerns.


    The IEA's member nations unanimously approved the proposal to deepen ties with each nation on June 21 in response to requests from t. . .


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