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Media/Press Releases

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  • Concept Note

Expogroup introduces Manufacturing Expo Africa to the East African market beginning with Nairobi Kenya. The exhibition will be a key gateway and platform for international exporters to access the opportunities in the East African region and foray further into the African continent. The trade exhibition will be a strictly B2B expo focusing on business networking for importers, distributers and exporters in the region.

Manufacturing Expo Africa will have a broad reach across various industries including engineering, construction, infrastructure, FMCG, pharmaceutical, apparel, textiles and garments, automotive, packaging, printing, energy, power, oil, gas, food manufacturing, mining, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and woodworking etc.

  • About the Manufacturing Sector in Kenya

Kenya’s economic development now focusses on manufacturing as a key sector. The government recognizes its contribution to national output and exports, and for job creation and has thus set key targets and specific goals to steer industrial growth. These include the development of Special Economic Zones, industrial parks and clusters, and niche products. Kenya has a large manufacturing sector serving both the local market and exports to the East African region.

There are a wide range of direct and joint-investment opportunities in this sector, including agro-processing, garments, the assembly of automotive components and electronics, plastics, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals and engineering products for domestic and export markets

In addition to high demand for locally manufactured goods, regional markets are accessible for Kenya’s manufactured goods owing to its membership to two key regional economic blocs the East African Community (EAC) and Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA).

The European Union has announced an increase its investments in Kenya and is actively looking to bolster ties with African countries in the face of competition from China. Africa has become an economic battleground between Russia and the West, with the EU also taking steps to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative to fund infrastructure projects in developing nations.  An economic powerhouse of east Africa, Kenya is seen by the international community as a reliable and stable democracy in a turbulent region.
Manufacturing Expo Africa in Kenya will create a launch-pad for international businesses by enabling global investment opportunities.


  • Aims, Objectives and Benefits

Strategically located, Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and it is in itself an economic powerhouse in the region. Manufacturing Expo aims to realize the following benefits for the visitors as well as exhibitors.

  • Find new Buyers / Distributors in East Africa.
  • Establish / Promote Brand Name & Image.
  • Update Existing Customers / Agents.
  • Launch New Products / Services.
  • Explore Export opportunities.
  • Special offers & Promotions.
  • Make local & foreign contacts.
  • Know the current market trends

  • The Organizers – Expogroup

Expogroup is a full service exhibition organizer with over 24 years of experience in International Trade Exhibitions and Events. Our current portfolio includes 20 annual exhibitions from a diverse range of industries being held across the East Africa. As of today our events are much larger comprising of exhibitors from more than 30 countries at an average across all events. Promoted aggressively in the entire region, they attract visitors not only from the host country but from the surrounding regions as well as from other continents like Europe and Asia. Currently our host countries include Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. By 2025 we will be expanding our presence in the South and North African regions as well.

  • Participant profile (Delegates, Visitors and Exhibitors)

The visitor registrations include top industry professionals such as builders, developers, architects, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, importers & distributors. In terms of exhibitors, the event will showcase a wide range of products and equipment for the manufacturing industry.

Exhibitors are expected to participate from major countries and regions such as the European Union, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa

Diplomats and Delegations
Diplomats and official representatives from the Embassies and High Commissions of India, China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Poland, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Algeria, Congo, Central African Republic, Uganda will be attending the opening of the event and many more will be visiting the trade event.

  • Dates and Schedule

Manufacturing Expo Africa will be an annual event


Expogroup is a full service exhibition organiser with over 27 Years experience in International trade exhibitions. Our current portfolio includes 27 annual exhibitions from a diverse range of industries being held across the Middle East & Africa.

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