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Event Promotion & Visitor Generation Program

The event is supported by a very effective promotion campaign that includes:-
  • Mailed / Posted Invitations to establishments and professionals of the entire industry including importers, traders, manufacturers, exporters & re-exporters, distributors, agents, traders, wholesalers & retailers, government agencies, service providers, related media, business promotion agencies etc.

  • Email Invitations to all the above.

  • Advertising in local and regional newspapers, publications, magazines, directories and related catalogues.

  • Advertising in the National Radio, FM and TV

  • Hoardings & Billboards

  • Telemarketing

  • Internet promotions

  • Press coverages

  • Visits to top firms in the industry.

  • Roadshows

Media Plan:-
  • Promotion through literature, letters, posters, banners, collaterals etc.

  • Event promotion coverage worldwide through various web portal partners.

  • Advertisement and advertising previews in various business and industrial magazines.

  • The advertisement campaign will be specifically designed to invite trade visitors.

  • Print media promotional campaign-write ups and articles in leading newspapers and magazines.

  • Extensive marketing through road shows in different countries.

  • Organizing various workshops and business meetings on industry related topics in different cities in Kenya.

  • Pre and post event coverage in leading newspapers and magazines.

  • Direct mailing and distribution of newsletters among industrial players to create awareness of the exhibition and exhibitors.

  • Personalized invitations will be sent across to influential individuals, investors, senior management in leading corporate houses and key decision makers from the industry.

  • Direct E-mail invitations to target key buyers and personal invitation & visits to top executives, CEOs, Embassies, Trade Counsellors, Associations, Trade groups, Chamber of Commerce, Government officials etc.

  • SMS Campaigning

  • Television and Radio Adverts


Expogroup is a full service exhibition organiser with over 28 Years experience in International trade exhibitions. Our current portfolio includes 28 annual exhibitions from a diverse range of industries being held across the Middle East & Africa.

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