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SOLAR ETHIOPIA 2023 - TV Commercial
Published on January 02, 2023
Event News Coverage on Local TV Channels
Event advert on local Newspaper
Published on 12th February, 2020
EITE 2020 TV commercial
Published on February 05, 2020
The 3rd Solar Ethiopia 2020 - International Trade Exhibition at Addis Ababa
Millennium Hall | Addis Ababa | 24th - 26th February 2020
International Trade Exhibition On Solar Products, Equipment & Machinery

The 3rd edition of Lightexpo Ethiopia is back at Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, the one place to source new products, services and technology from around the world. The 3 day multi country international trade event brings to Ethiopia exhibitors from 15 countries. The main attractions this time around are the European and Asian Pavilions showcasing the latest products and innovations which are now being made available to the Ethiopian industries.

Ethiopia in 2020 and beyond – Ethiopia is one of the world’s largest untapped markets and is the fastest growing economy in Africa today. With a population of over 100 million and an annual economic growth rate of 10% over the past 15 years , it presents a unique opportunity. In addition to its strategic positioning as a long-haul transfer hub, Ethiopia is increasingly becoming an important destination for food and agricultural exports. With the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) also in force, companies are looking at another opportunity at increasing exports to Africa.

Highlighting key sectors to promote and introduce new products equipment and services to the upcoming Ethiopian market is the primary goal for the trade exhibition. Held concurrently with the Ethiopia International Trade Exhibition, sectors include building and construction, lighting, heavy equipment, tools and hardware, woodworking and sawmill machinery, large automotive and spare parts, power and energy, consumer products, agriculture, materials printing, packaging and more. The event promises to introduce the Ethiopian market to world class industry leading products and services under one roof.

The much awaited 2020 edition will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for the public till 26th of February 2020. Ambassadors, trade delegations and representatives from various countries and ministries are confirmed to be present to meet and support the companies representing their countries at the event.

The 2020 edition is expected to see special pavilion participation by companies from China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, India, Qatar, Malaysia, Russia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Companies from the African continent especially from Kenya, South Africa and Ethiopia are also participating among the worlds’ leading global brands.

“Ethiopia is no longer a country that can be ignored. The interest shown by the business community towards the event shows that the industry leaders fully understand the importance and opportunities that are presented by the fair as well as the long term business relations it will create.” said Emily Parkson, Event Director from the organizers, Expogroup.

As the biggest business and trade event in Ethiopia, this event presents and opportunity for all industry leaders, innovators, business owners, importers, entrepreneurs and upcoming traders from various industries and backgrounds to source their needs and interact with international brands under one roof.

Trevor Daniel
Media Manager
Solar Expo & Ethiopia International Trade Exhibition (EITE)
Int'l: +971 43050755

Solar Africa 2020 – Africa’s largest International Solar Trade invites bookings for the next editions in East Africa

After the success SOLAR AFRICA 2017 has seen, the organizers, Expogroup Worldwide is delighted to announce the return of SOLAR AFRICA 2020 from the 21st to 23rd March 2020 at Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

One of the major challenges in the renewable energy industry is how to provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining and maximizing the value of solar energy. With Global investment in Energy Storage Technologies increasing and cost effective solutions rapidly emerging SOLAR AFRICA 2020 will prove to be a good platform to commercial organization industry that wishes to expand its market to the giant African Market.

SOLAR AFRICA 2020 is a comprehensive International Trade event that will mark an important and relevant point for industry professionals to source for products, meet new business contacts, build partnerships, and keep abreast of industry trends and developments. The event also aims at showcasing latest technology, solutions and their applications for energy storage, in conjunction with renewable energy and beyond. Solar Africa will set a platform to bring together equipment providers, manufactures, utilities energy experts, etc to explore the market ready applications for energy storage at all scales.

Ethiopia being situated in proximity to the equator has a huge source of solar resource, which if capitalized and developed efficiently can prove to be an asset to the locals and a profitable source of revenue to the investing companies.

The event is the only dedicated industry specific international trade show for the solar Industry in the entire East African region that promises to be an excellent platform to form business alliances, showcase technological and interact directly with the African traders from the East, Central & South African region.

Currently East Africa is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and Solar Africa will attract thousands of buyers and decision makers from all the levels and sectors of the Solar Industry and aims to promote a direct business link between buyers and sellers. The trade events is aiming to be the gateway to East African Market which is fast emerging as distribution & supply hub to the entire African region.

SOLAR AFRICA 2020 is looking to raise the Solar industry standards in Africa, by connecting market players such as manufacturers, suppliers, systems partners, researchers, engineers and technical buyers. So here’s inviting all potential trade attendees who are looking at growth, development and expansion in the African Solar market to mark the dates and be there!

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