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  • New Collaboration to Improve Energy Access in Ethiopia

    Posted on :Wednesday , 18th November 2020

    The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is collaborating with IKEA Foundation to improve access to energy in rural communities in Ethiopia.


    RMI will leverage a $1 million grant from IKEA Foundation to grant rural communities with access to renewable energy.


    The institute will also leverage the grant to assure project beneficiaries create new opportunities for in. . .

  • Construction of Koysha hydropower dam in Ethiopia 39% complete

    Posted on :Tuesday , 20th October 2020

    The construction of 2,160MW Koysha hydropower dam in Ethiopia is 39 per cent complete. The dam is the fourth hydropower project under construction on Omo River.

    Dr Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, stated that the construction works at the dam are progressing well. "This project shows how our country Ethiopia is utilizing its water resources for a sustainable deve. . .

  • Chinese firm completes first rigging up for Ethiopia's 70-MW geothermal energy project

    Posted on :Monday , 7th September 2020

    Chinese equipment and oil services company Kerui Petroleum stated that it has successfully lifted the derrick and substructure for the first 1500HP drilling rig at Ethiopia's Aluto-Langano Geothermal Energy Project.

    The accomplishment of the first rigging up marks a landmark in the 70-MW geothermal energy project, which is part of Ethiopian government's plans to enlarge geothermal energy. . .

  • Ethiopia gets Euro 117.3m Danske Bank loan to boost energy

    Posted on :Friday , 7th August 2020

    The Ethiopian government signed a loan agreement of Euro 117.3 million with Danske Bank A/S to fund the Assela Wind Farm project.

    The agreement was signed by Ethiopia's Minister of Finance and Mr. Jelsper B. Petterson and Olaf S. Mark Schet, Director and Associate Director of Danske Bank A/S, respectively. The agreement was signed virtually.

    The total cost of the project is Euro 1. . .

  • Ethiopia signs $800 million geothermal power purchase agreement

    Posted on :Friday , 7th August 2020

    Ethiopia has recently signed a power purchase agreement worth $800 million with the developers of a 150 MW geothermal plant.

    The Horn-of-Africa nation, which is also the second most populated on the continent, has the second biggest electricity deficit in Africa according to the World Bank, with about two thirds of the population requiring a connection to the grid.

    Prime Minister . . .


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