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  • Ethiopia Uses Wind Energy to Produce 404 Megawatts of Power

    Posted on :Tuesday , 14th November 2023

    Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced that the country has generated 404 MW of electricity from wind power.


    EEP Corporate Communications Director Moges Mekonen told EPA that the country has reached the total production of 404 MW electric power from Wind power.


    He noted that many citizens are getting electricity from the wind power plants that have been b. . .

  • Ethiopia Gains USD 39.73 Million in a Month from Power Export to Kenya

    Posted on :Friday , 21st April 2023

    Ethiopia provided 58.01 percent of Kenya’s January import of electricity. The drought in Kenya forced the country to import a record 68.48 kilowatt-hours of power due to reduced local hydro-power generation. Ethiopia was able to gain USD 39.73 million from the export.


    Kenya started importing power from Ethiopia in November last year after the 2 countries en. . .

  • ETHIOPIA: 4th Resource to Assess Geothermal Resources in Two Regions

    Posted on :Monday , 9th January 2023

    Canadian company 4th Resource has been awarded a licence by the Ethiopian authorities to conduct geothermal surveys in 2 regions. The planned studies will measure the intensity of the geothermal resource with a view to developing this renewable energy in Ethiopia.


    Ethiopia wants to increase the share of geothermal energy in its energy mix. As part of this policy, the Ethiopia. . .

  • Ethiopia Starts Exporting Electricity to Kenya

    Posted on :Tuesday , 13th December 2022

    Ethiopia has started exporting electricity to neighbouring Kenya following a week of testing of a new transmission line, Ethiopian Electric Power said.


    The $500 million line has capacity to transmit 2,000 MW of electricity, potentially earning Ethiopia as much as $100 million annually.


    “Ethiopia has completed activities to ensure uninterr. . .

  • Ethio-Djibouti 2nd Circuit High Power Transmission Line Launched

    Posted on :Thursday , 10th November 2022

    Construction on the Ethio-Djibouti 2nd Circuit High Power Transmission Line and Distribution Station Project was recently launched by Ethiopia and Djibouti. Along with strengthening the electrical and transportation links between the 2 neighbouring states, the project is anticipated to bring Ethiopia foreign revenue.


    EEP CEO Ashebir Balcha stated during the projectâ&eur. . .


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