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Market News

  • Ethiopia is Projected to Witness an Upswing in Demand for the Timber Industry Over the Next 20 Years.

    Posted on :Thursday , 29th June 2023

    The Production and Trade of Wood and Wood Products, Which Are Used for an Assortment of Tasks Like Construction, Furniture, Paper, Fuel, and More, is Referred to as the Timber Business. Ethiopia's Timber Business Has Importance Due to Its Economic Impact, the Millions of People It Supports and Promotes, Maintains and Its Support of the Nation's Green Growth and Forest Restoration Initiatives. O. . .

  • A U.S. company and the Caravelle International Group collaborate to export wood products from Gabon, Africa, to the country.

    Posted on :Thursday , 30th March 2023

    NEW YORK CITY – Caravelle International Group, a global ocean technology company, has formed a partnership with a US corporation to manufacture wood products in Gabon, Africa, for export to the US, and the Gabonese government has granted the partnership use of 165 acres of land for the location of the lumber mill.


    Wood laminate flooring, plywood, and other . . .

  • Ethiopia Forest Development at SLU in order to continue the ongoing collaboration

    Posted on :Wednesday , 30th November 2022

    The visit's objective is to generate the content for phase two of a Sida-supported programme to boost Ethiopia's forest industry.


    The project is widely addressing a number of topics linked to sustainable forest management, small-scale forest business, and forest laws. Swedish Forest Agency and the Eco Innovation Foundation are also a part of the project's Swedish consorti. . .

  • Ethiopia's new wood and forest industry has a bright future.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 27th September 2022

    Millions of people can become wealthy by investing in forests.


    The opportunity is obvious: Over the next 20 years, Ethiopia's need for wood and forest products is predicted to rise by 27%. More than half of the nation's population, or an estimated 57 million people, work full- or part-time in the forest industry, which now contributes 12.9% of the nation's GDP. More than . . .

  • Furniture importers in Africa are reaping the rewards.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 25th August 2021

    As demand for residential and office space rises across Africa, the furniture industry continues to thrive in many African countries.


    Africa's rising economy, as well as its vast and quickly growing urban population, are some of the reasons why the furniture industry is doing well on our continent.


    From Lagos in West Africa to Nairobi in East Africa, it is . . .


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