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Unicef and Zanzibar Sign Sh32.3 Billion Contract to Enhance Health Services

Posted on :Tuesday , 4th June 2024

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) and the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar have reached an agreement for the procurement of materials meant to enhance health care, particularly for women and children.

Unicef will assist in the provision of necessary medications and food items, medical equipment for refurbished healthcare facilities, vehicles for the Department of Preventive Services, and project management teams through the procurement contract, which is valued at $12.5 million (Sh32.3 billion).

Providing ICT equipment and networking for 90 Primary Health Care Service Units (PHCU) and 52 Primary Health Care Units (PHCU+) is another responsibility Unicef will take on.

Health Minister Ahmed Mazrui stated during the agreement's signing that this partnership is an important step toward developing Tanzania's healthcare system through the World Bank-funded Tanzania Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Investment Plan (TMCHIP), which will receive $25 million (Sh64.7 billion) in funding from 2023 to 2027.

"This plan is not just a plan but a transformative journey aimed at creating a robust healthcare delivery system that serves everyone, especially the most vulnerable groups - mothers, children, adolescents, and youth."

Mazrui claims that the project's goal is to enhance the provision of high-quality services related to child and reproductive health.

"We are committed to raising standards of care at every level, ensuring that every mother and child receives the best healthcare services," he stated.

They are committed to improving training and placing healthcare professionals because, as he pointed out, having a well-trained workforce is essential.

They will also fortify and enhance the usability and accessibility of electronic health systems: incorporating ICT into healthcare will improve patient record management, increase the effectiveness of service delivery, and encourage youth-friendly reproductive health services.

"We aim to make reproductive health services easier and more accessible for youth, at health facilities and within communities," Mazrui stated.

Elke Wisch, the Unicef Representative for Tanzania, stated that the collaboration between the World Bank, Unicef, and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar represents the shared commitment of all parties to putting women's and children's health first and laying the groundwork for improved health outcomes in Zanzibar in the future.

In order to establish Zanzibar as a global leader in digital health, she said Unicef, which has years of experience in this field, is in a unique position to bring in knowledge and best practices from around the globe.

The design and implementation of client feedback mechanisms, known as "Zan Health Feedback," and the construction of a digital tool to help health worker management are two of the main achievements of the Government of Zanzibar and Unicef's digital health cooperation.

"Through this contract, Unicef is pleased to contribute to improving service delivery through the purchase of high-quality medical equipment and other health products, including laboratories and ICT equipment," Wisch stated.


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