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BuildExpo Rwanda 2022 - Digital Billboard, Kigali
BuildExpo Rwanda 2022 - TV Commercial
BuildExpo Rwanda 2022 - TV Commercial
TV advertisement of Buildexpo Rwanda 2017
TV advertisement of Buildexpo Rwanda 2017 in local language
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KCC gearing up to host Buildexpo Rwanda 2017
The Kigali Convention Centre is gearing up to host East Africa’s Premier Building and Construction Exhibition, Buildexpo Africa. The renowned event is annually hosted in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia for the last 21 years.

Ms. Clare Akamanzi, Rwanda Development Board CEO is also thrilled to have Expogroup organize Buildexpo in Rwanda. “The Government of Rwanda is privileged to partner with Expogroup to host Buildexpo Africa 2017 in Rwanda.”, she said. “ This event is a vital part of our mission to showcase Rwanda as a key destination to do business with foreign suppliers and investors”, she added

To be held from November 22 to 24, the event will have several objectives, said Asif Mavany, Media Manager from Expogroup, organizers of the Dubai based company Expogroup.  “ Our first motive is to present Rwanda in the international market. There is much to be known about Rwanda outside the country to attract foreign investment. Secondly, the event will bring in the latest and a variety of products, machinery and technology to the country from over 20 countries. Importers in Rwanda will be able to meet companies from Germany, China, India, Turkey, Italy, Spain, South Africa, UAE, Oman and several others face to face”, he added.

“ Then, local businesses in the construction industry will be able to connect with each other at one place and time. For example, developers will be able to source local suppliers and vice versa. Consumers too will be able to source products for building their homes ”, elaborated Mavany. 

The event will arrive with big brands brands spread over 15 product categories, to name a few, Building Material, Mining, Lighting, Glass, Steel and Aluminum; Hardware and Tools, Machinery and Equipment etc.

Participants from Rwanda will include names such as Tedmer International, Fati Limited, Akagera Group, Munyax Solar, Hippo Roofings, Safintra and EAHK Rwanda to name a few. Top international names include Bauer Germany, Oman Cables, Prime Drilling Gmbh, Wood-Mizer South Africa, RTS Power India, Heavyfab Kenya and many more.

Running concurrently will be Power & Energy Expo  that is showcasing products and equipment in another important sector for the country.

For more information, please contact :
Ashley Raymonds
Media Officer
Tel: 971-4-3721421


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