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PPPEXPO AFRICA, East Africa’s largest plastics, printing and packaging exhibition, after hugely popular and successful shows in Kenya and Tanzania, enters the Ethiopian market with the launch of PPPEXPO Ethiopia 2020. The event is to take place at The Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, from 24 - 26 February, 2020.

Expogroup takes this opportunity to invite companies that deal with the plastic, printing and packaging industry who are looking for an opportunity to grow in the African market. For the past 19 years, PPPEXPO has attracted prospective trade visitors from all over Central and East Africa and has also proven to be an ideal sourcing platform of enhanced printing and packaging solutions for industry buyers.

Ethiopia was Africa’s fastest growing economy in 2015 and has experienced double-digit economic growth every year, for the past decade. With the government actively pushing for industrialisation with a major focus on the manufacturing sector, there is a huge gap to be filled between supply and demand, especially in the plastics, printing and packaging sectors.

 “We receive many requests from our international clients to hold events in Ethiopia. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary we decided to venture into this market and the response has been very positive!” says Max Lewis, Director of Sales, Expogroup.

PPPEXPO AFRICA is the only dedicated industry specific international trade show for the Plastics, Printing & Packaging industry in the entire East African region. With a high degree of freedom of press, free information flow and stringent intellectual property protection, East Africa is one of the major printing centres on the continent, opening up the African market for exhibitors looking to tap the market opportunities on offer and promote their brand aboard.

With companies looking to save costs and become more efficient, simple and light packaging has become the current market trend. Also in high demand are advanced technologies such as RFID and augmented reality, which will be showcased at the event ensuring PPPEXPO responds to industry trends to cater to market needs.  

PPPEXPO 2020 aims to raise the standard of the industry in Africa by providing the perfect platform to connect buyers, sellers and other industry members to witness products and machinery dealing with the complete life cycle of the industry; from raw materials to their processing, printing, labelling and packaging.

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