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  • China-Africa cooperation continues to flourish as FOCAC marks 20th anniversary

    Posted on :Thursday , 15th October 2020

    At the turn of the 21st century, China and Africa established what would become one of the world's most vibrant and successful multilateral platforms for international cooperation - the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

    As the forum marks its 20th anniversary this year, it has triumphed over naysayers' pessimism over China-Africa cooperation and carried forward the spir. . .

  • Cameroon to benefit from construction of a multi-functional laboratory complex

    Posted on :Thursday , 11th June 2020

    The Republic of Cameroon, a country on the Gulf of Guinea in the central region of Africa is set to benefit from the construction of a multifunctional laboratory complex dedicated to the analysis and control of the quality of food, pharmaceutical, textile, electronic, chemical and construction products.


    The project is being carried out by Mediline Medical Cameroon, a subsidia. . .

  • Ethiopia-China Cooperation In The Healthcare Sector

    Posted on :Tuesday , 17th December 2019

    The Ethiopian government welcomed the Chinese medical team for their healthcare services and medical appliance assistance to the Ethiopian people.


    "The lifesaving involvement of China's medical support to Ethiopia, which lasts for more than four decades, is a successful appearance of the growing Ethiopia-China friendship," Yohannes Chala, Head of Addis Ababa Health Bureau, to. . .

  • Government Is Set To Increase The Efficiency Of The Health System In Ethiopia

    Posted on :Wednesday , 20th November 2019

    Ethiopia has launched the 2nd essential health services package which is intended to achieve universal health coverage across the country.


    These health service packages provide access to quality health services for all Ethiopians with full financial risk protection regardless of age, economic status, and geographic locations.


    The Minister of Health Dr, Amir. . .

  • Amarillo and Ethiopian Medical Professionals Working Together To Save New-born

    Posted on :Saturday , 2nd November 2019

    Amarillo - The Neonatal Department, a non-profit organization taking an efforts to make a difference in new-borns in Ethiopia.


    To provide education to Ethiopian Physicians on how to sustain healthy new-born babies successfully, Amarillo provided their eight Medical Professionals in Ethiopia.


    According to Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Phillip Platt, education . . .


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