Under The Afcfta, Kenya Imports Refrigerators From South Africa

Posted on : Monday , 4th March 2024

Under the terms of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Kenya is importing its first shipment of electronics, industrial and agricultural goods, including refrigerators, from South Africa.


Under the same programme, Kenya is anticipated to export fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee in exchange in the upcoming weeks.


The first commercial exports from South Africa under the AfCFTA were inaugurated by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the 13th AfCFTA Council of Ministers meeting, which was attended by more than 12 African trade ministers, including Rebecca Miano of Kenya, at the Port of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.


"Freezers and refrigerators were included in the initial shipment that was sent to Kenya. Going forward, we only anticipate importing goods from South Africa that we do not produce in Kenya," according to Ms. Miano.  


She continued, "Kenya will also export her tea, coffee, flowers, vegetables, a wide variety of fruits, apparel, iron and steel products, among other things, to South Africa."


By raising trader awareness, the two nations will witness an increase in commerce as a result of the AfCFTA's adoption. Right now, trade benefits South Africa, which has a sizable trade surplus. According to official data, Kenya exported commodities worth Sh6.8 billion from South Africa, while it bought items worth Sh61.1 billion.


In order to promote intra-African trade, Ms. Miano claims that the two nations agreed to remove non-tariff trade obstacles and make it easier the entry of each other's products into the market.


Out of the four nations that make up the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), South Africa is the first nation to begin exporting preferential trade under the second Guided Trade Initiative of the AfCFTA.


Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania and Tunisia were included in Kenya during the first trial phase.


The goal of the preferential trade allowed by the AfCFTA framework is to facilitate the flow of products and services throughout the continent.


"We have achieved noteworthy advancements in addressing the AfCFTA's modalities," stated Trade Minister Ebrahim Patel of South Africa.


"We must offer these opportunities for development and prosperity in an integrated Africa, as we are cognizant of the expectations of citizens throughout the continent."


Wamkele Mene, secretary general of the AfCFTA, underlined the importance of the private sector's crucial role in the continent's commerce.

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