Tanzania : Agro Investment Opportunities

Posted on : Wednesday , 20th August 2014

 Tanzania’s economy depends signi ficantly on the growth of its agricultural sector that accounts for half of the national income and three quarters of the merchandise exports in the country. Approximately 80% of Tanzanians are employed in the agriculture sector. In line with the Government’s Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture First) Policy, MeTL is a major player in the country’s commercial agricultural sector, contributing further to national development.

MeTL has invested in acquiring a total of 47,000 hectares of dilapidated sisal farms and tea estates in different regions of Tanzania and has successfully revived these farms into active commercial agriculture centres. Essential infrastructure such as staff housing, labor camps, access roads, schooling and dispensary facilities have been established on all our farms. Other requirements such as utility vehicles and farming equipment are regularly replaced on each farm.

Our agricultural development activity provides employment for more than 5,000 people during the peak season and we endeavor to impart skills through our experts on the field to improve the knowledge of the labor force we hire. Currently MeTL primarily cultivates sisal and tea as major crops. We have extended our agro-product range to grow cotton and cashew on our sisal estates and cinchona and eucalyptus on our tea estates.

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