Flights can stop, but business cannot !

How it works?

We understand that you cannot be in two places at the same time, but do you really want to lose the opportunity to meet hundreds of potential leads to your competition? We have a solution which will make your participation possible without your presence. Same results while you save money and time!

Trade show floors are buzzing with action as thousands of attendees search for solutions that meet their unique needs.

A professionally trained hostess dedicated for your company will manage your stand coordinating with you on online video platforms like skype, whatsapp, imessage, zoom etc. A high quality web camera will also be installed on your booth which will allow you to monitor your booth and coordinate with your hostess and visitors.

All you need to do is send your samples/brochures/advertising material physically to the address provided by us and digital material by email to your hostess.

Package details

  • Exhibitors can opt in for a minimum of 6 sq.m. booth / stand extendable in multiples of 3 sq.m. For eg: 9, 12, 15...and so on.
  • Dedicated Professional Hostess for 3 days of event and training one day prior. Half day for software, communication and report training from organizers and half day by the exhibitor directly for product and pricing training.
  • Wall panel posters are included in the package. Artworks, if required can be prepared by the organizers at an additional cost.
  • Dedicated camera on the stand. Access will be provided to the exhibitor.

Note : Smart phones are available with the hostesses for communication via skype / whatsapp / iMessage/ zoom etc. Should you need the hostess to use a laptop, please request one in the extra accessories .

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