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  • Africa: White House Choices Shape Africa Policies

    Posted on :Tuesday , 4th April 2017

    Washington, DC - Little has been said about Africa policy by the new U.S. President or his administration, but recent announcements and appointments provide an emerging outline of an approach that gives priority to security concerns.

    Support for democracy, development and health may no longer be policy cornerstones as they have been for all post-Cold War presidents, Democratic an. . .

  • Africa's Urban Population to Reach 1 Billion by 2040 - World Bank Report

    Posted on :Thursday , 16th February 2017

    The World Bank (WB) has reported that Africa's urban population will double over the next 25 years, reaching 1 billion people by year 2040.

    The report cites the population of the continent's urban areas as 472 million, and predicts that an additional 187 million people will be added to urban areas by 2025 to reach the predicted figure.
  • Africa Remains Continent of Hope - UN Secretary General

    Posted on :Monday , 6th February 2017

    UN Secretary-General António Guterres says Africa remains a continent of hope in spite of the obvious crises and underdevelopment currently ravaging the region.

    Guterres, in a commentary entitled: "A Continent of Hope", following his visit to the region on Monday to participate at the 28th Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, said there are m. . .

  • Expogroup Wins Big at the Tanzania Leadership Awards 2016

    Posted on :Friday , 3rd February 2017

      On the evening of Friday 27th January 2017, members of the business community in Tanzania gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to celebrate the most accomplished businesses of 2016. The event was the Tanzania Leadership Awards (TLA), which honors successful businesses that range from conglomerates with more than 500 employees, to small start-ups with a staff count of 2 to 4 employees. . .

  • Crowdfunding Helping African Entrepreneurs Grow

    Posted on :Saturday , 21st January 2017

    The banks wouldn't give him a loan, so Cameroonian Georges Badjang approached a crowdfunding platform. Although relatively unknown in Africa, this alternative source of finance is helping his firm grow.

    Jacques Georges Badjang was never really interested in emigrating abroad. Even when he was a student, he was determined to show it was possible to create and achieve. . .


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